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As with many charitable organizations, there are limitations with what can be done because of the constraint of resources.  We exist as a business to invest 100% of our profits into local social projects. We are a business and so our first responsibility requires us to set aside funds (approximately 30% of our monthly income) for normal business expenses and cycles to keep The Meeting Place Café solvent.  The remaining profits will be given to a handful of effective projects in the Cusco area.  At present we are visiting two villages where we have been investing in the children through the primary and secondary school.   Also we are setting aside funds to start an after school project on the outskirts of Cusco in a new community where we have a piece of land. At that site we plan to serve the needs of underprivileged children through education, health, work training, and Christian based values and life principles.  

It is a our desire to work together and support other new business ventures with the same vision and mission of supporting viable local projects that are giving back into the community.

It would be an honor to have you partner with The Meeting Place through prayer and financial gifts, this can be done in a number of ways, check out the Donations page.

Pack-a-Bag Project

We are raising funds to give backpacks full of school supplies as gifts to schoolkids in the Cusco region.

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Education is free and compulsory for all children between the ages of 6 and 14.    However, more than a quarter of Peru's Children never attend school.   In the region of Cusco the figure increases to more than 85%!!  

Child literacy rate in Peru is supposed to be as high as 89% but among the highland communities it falls to about 20%.


75.3% of the population is registered as living below the national extreme poverty line.  Therefore, sending children to school, which costs an approximate 600-700 soles per year per kid, is a HUGE expense.  The government does not provide uniforms, school supplies, or transportation to school.   Those are the responsibility of each family.

A kid working in the street in Cusco can hope to make some 15-20 soles per day, which would be an approximate 4500 soles per year.

No wonder poor families do not always encourage their kids to go to school...

The kids that will be receiving these backpacks have been attending school regularly.   We know them because we are working with their teachers and want to reward those kids that have consistent attendance.   We also want to encourage and foster positive change in their lives. We will give the bags as gifts, so the kids will be prepared with school supplies when the year starts.

Each backpack costs about 30 soles (about 12 dollars), in addition, a complete set of supplies will cost another 30 soles. 60 soles per child for 100 children is a reasonable short term goal and will be such an encouragement to these kids.

How can you help?

Financial Donations can be made at The Meeting Place Café in Plazoleta San Blas.

100% of donations are going directly to the purchase of supplies and bags needed for the children.

Or Donations of the backpacks and school supplies are welcome too.

Also payments can be made via PayPal.

Pack-a-Bag Pool